samana vayu

Subdosha of vata; moves from periphery to center. Balancing air. Carries sensory impressions to the brain, venous blood to the heart, nutrients and oxygen into the bloodstream. Governs
absorption. In the mind, balances and stabilizes the other väyus. Resides in small intestine; it’s the “air that stokes the fire”.

It means equalized movement of air. Located in the stomach and the duodenum this type of vata subtypes has the function of digestion of food materials, separation of waste products, regulation of composition of body fluids, body temperature and the movement of pitta and kapha.

One of the five subtypes of Vāta (Vāyu) that is seated in proximity to Agni (in between stomach and large intestine). It performs the functions like receiving the food, digestion of the food, division of the food into useful and waste portions, and propulsion of the food.