Part of the subtle nervous system (charkas are another part). nadis are subtle nerve channels; an energetic template of the nerves through which prana (subtle energies) flow. These
channels permeate the entire subtle body. The mind is the sum total of all the nädis. Classical yogic texts state that there are 72,000 nadis. Nadi bears different meanings in different texts;
it is commonly translated to mean nerve, but can also mean subtle channels or channels in general. Other terms used synomously with nadi include dhamini, sira and srota.

Pulse, any tubular organ such as vein or artery.

A Sanskrit word with many meanings, including “river,” “channel,” and “passageway;” Ayurveda acknowledges thousands of nadis—both gross and subtle—that carry various substances and energies from one place to another throughout the body and the energetic field. Nadi also refers to the pulse, one of the most important tools for clinical assessment in Ayurveda.