Langhan is a specific and most important part of treatment according to an Ayurvedic ideology. The meaning of Langhan is excessively described in the text book of Ayurveda. Langhan is also mutually define for its appropriate meaning.

Generally , people believes keeping stomach empty , prevention of intake any food , is Langhan. And such belief is very true. But Langhan has some different variety od its kind , which we discuss after some discussion regarding the occurrence of diseases after all.

It is already stated in books that Mandagni ( decreased power of digestion ) is a root cause for all diseases. Here it does not mean only Jathagni ( digestion power ) but, seven Dhatvagni and three Malagni are also considered under Mandagni, and they are also able to create diseases. Vayu, Pitta and Kapha three Dosha are plays important role to create Mandagni When they increases or decreases in their proportion Agni gets Manda , Mandagni produces Aam — undigested — semi digested food materials in the system As a result of this various diseases occurs. Aam is also named as Aamavish . Aam when spreads in the different parts of the body , and when, bleds with Dosh and Dhatu and changes its proportion, becomes cause to create diseases. They are known as Saam rog ( disease with Aam) . Now a days majority percentage of diseases are found in Saam condition, Some definite symptoms occurs in this condition are, obstructions of Srotas, (passages) , heaviness in body Obstruction of Vayu indolence  excess spiting constipation eylax dislikeness of tast exertion without work Dye When these symptoms unites with the symptoms of any disease is known as Saam rog . Thus, the first action of treatment is to destruct Aam Than and than the body free from Aam This is the Niram condition know in Ayurvedic terminology. (condition without Aam ) . Most of the symptoms subsides when body becomes Niram. In Niram condition any specific prescribe medicines can beneficial to cure the diseases and body becomes healthy.

This is the order of the occurrence of disease. This is the basic etiology for all the diseases.

As Aam is produced by the food materials Langhan is an important and primary treatment to destroy Aam from the system and it increased the Agni. As a result of this the body becomes Niram.

Take the example of Jwar Aam is the main cause for Jwar and the line of treatment is stated “TojknkS ya/kua izksDre—” means Langhan is a prescribe in the primary stage of Jwar, Take the second example of Amavat — Rheumatism , here also Aam is a main cause to create this disease and Langhan on Swalan is prescribed in the primary stage. Thus Langhan is a most important treatment in diseases with Sawn condition, Langhan is named as a supreme medication. Some varieties of Langhan is narrated as under.

Amongs the first four aro known as Shodhan and rest are known as Shaman.

Maharshi Charak has named Langton as Apatrpan According to him diseases with Aam are mainly treated by Apataman Fasting type of Langhan is a primary and important trealmen included in Apatarpan . This proves Mat Langhan is only a fasting. Charak has define Langhan as under. Whatever drugs, diet or action orates lightness in the body is known as Langhan The remedies which are useful for Langhan are •- Light – y/kg I Hot – n.k I Acute – fri.k I Dry- Rough – Ikj I Slide – 12101m. Hard –

When diseases occurs due to Arnadosh and Rapist Langhan  is suggested. The type of Laugh is to apply according to the body strength – nagey of patient and Ne acuteness of the Nsease. wl.t patient is strongly constituted and if suffers with the disease of Kapha – Pitta , RaNa and with excess quaMity of Male – ey Shodhan type Langhan is suggested. If patient moderately strong and p.a. suffers from Kapha and Pitta Pachn type Langhan is suggested. i.e. Vomiting. Diarrhea. Heart disease. Cholera, Alma, Fever Constipation, Heaviness Eructation.- mn-Xkj want of taste – vjkspd etc. Pachan is suggested. If the strongly constituted patient suffers withmild type of disease thirst restraint ,kk ‘wag and fasting type of fed is suggest. But, if moderately svong patient suffers with mild type of disease …rise. sunshine, and wind type Langhan is suggested.

And strongly bust, patient suffers wilt acute type of disease are also suggested the above type of Langton. PatieMs od dermatological diseases. diabetics. excess given Snehan – Nr fLuX/k , Abhishyandit and Ati bhrunhil are suggested all tent, of Langhan for its treatmeM. Maharshi Charak has divided Langhan in to three type. I. Langton – fasting 2. Langhan and Pachan 3 Doshavasechan (Sodhan)

I. Langhan Langhan means fast. Mildly spoiled !Josh are suggested this type of Langhan Langhan increases Agni and V, and as a result of this mild !Josh are removed. The main action of Agni is to digest food. If during Langhan Agni do not get food materials Me Agni suns to digest spoil. Dash and excess Dhatu.

Thus by this action – effect the cover of Agni is removed and Agni becomes more active in its normal work. Dhatus does not get nutrition during Langhan and as a result of this heaviness etc. symptoms are decreased and Vayu get excess condition.

2. Langhan Pa.= : This type of Langhan is suggested for malerately strong Dash because Langh. increases Vayu and Agni and this Vayu absorbs Me excess Dash and Pachan digests AMR

3. Doshavasechan: (Sanshodhan) The excess Dosh are thrown out from Ne body by the Sanshodhan and body becomes normal.

According to the Vagbhatt Apatarpan is Langhan. He has stated two type of Langhan

1.Shodhan and 2. Shaman .Shinovirechan, Vaman, Virechan and Bast is included in Shodhan 1,e of Langhan. Sushrut has added Raktamoxan in Sodhan type of Langhan Saman drugs or action are subsides spoiled Dosh from body and at the same time it do . increases Dosh, but, it makes equal Dash in to its natural proportion, The various type of Samara Langhan is previously stated. Amending to the modern medical science , if metabolism do not get required food materials Me body dans to consume accumulated unnecessary mate. Naturopmhs states that during Langhan Deha prakruti fires only collected Vish – fo, materials and removes it, which increases vitality end immunity .

The opinion of the Naturopath is agreeable to the Ayurvedic concept. But, the opinion of modem physicians is not in favor of Langhan.

Diseases curable by Langhan are Rasaj, Aamdoshaj and diseases occurs through Amashaya , Langhan is the main treatments. Here Langhan means all ten type of Langhan. though fasting type of Langhan mainly in practice. The object of fasting type of Lairehan is only to destroy Aam, or to digest Aam , When Aam is consumed Dosh becomes free from Aam, and starts their natured action.

This are the diseases curable by Langhan treatment.

Madhumeha, Aamadosh, Atisnigdha,Jwar, Urustambha, Kustha, Visharpa, Vidradhi, pleeha mg, Kan. rog, Akshi rog, Sthaulya etc. diseases are curable by Langhan and during Hemant rutu Langhan is prescribe according to the necessity.

Riksha Langhan : The remedies or action which creates dryness roughness and clearness are said Rukshan. They mainly rough, light, non sticky . and hard. Generally drug with acrid, bitter and astringent taste , sexual intercourse . buttermilk. honey are Rukshan drugs.

Sweden: – Langhan : which drugs reduces stiffness , heaviness and coldness and which drugs or action perspires are called Swedan. Generally, drugs with hot, sharp, sticky, dry  steady and heavy effects are sedan Vataj disease, kaphaj diseases and Vatakaphaj diseases arc pirseribe Sweden type of Langhan Snindha Sweden is beneficial in Vataj diseases. Ruksha Sul:dan is benefitedn Kaphaj diseases, and in Vatakaphaj diseases. Snigdha along with Ruksha Swod is beneficial.

Symptoms of proper Langhan: Methodically given Langhan treatment creates several symptoms which are known as proper — symptoms. They are urine, stool and flatulence are passes smoothly, lightness in the body, eructation. clearness of mouth, freshness, perspiration, liking of taste, hunger, thirst and cheerfulness of Anna. The above symptoms are suggesting of proper Langhan. Some of learned people of modem medical science believes that only fruit diet is a one kind of Langhan. Here it is not a question of any dispute. Because clank has also said that light diet is also as well as Lmrghan,VVIHkk51wIcaktllytlt—

We are observing many religious festivals in our society, and on that religious day many people are observing fast or O.D Diet. Some people are regularly observing a week day fast on Saturday Tuesday Thursday or Monday. Religiously whatever they are gaining but , this fast defiantly maintains body- health. During Shravan andBhadrapad month because of rainy season the atmosphere cremes Agnimandya which is a main cause for various diseases. But due to dm above mks*. fast Agnimandya does not occurs. Many religious festivals are coming doting the above period and people are observing fit on Mat days. This fasting type of Langhan increases the Agni and it prevent diseases.

– Excess Langhan is also contraindicated: If Langhan is given excess proportion mates many disorders. Which are as under.
Joint pain, body ache, cough, dryness of mouth, loss of appetite, dislike of taste. Thirst. weakness of ear and eyes, vertigo, pain in heart, reverse vayu — M/OZ okr breathlessness, hiccup, coma, decreasing of vitality, and Amii, and even death. These are the disorders of excess Langhan

So Langhan if done in proper proportion and proper manner and time , it will surly cures the incurable diseases.

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